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At Saint George Luxury Properties we are proud to offer a personalized professional service, tailored to our clients needs. We focus our activity on advising for real estate investment in the high standing property sector in Spain. Our knowledge of the real estate environment allows us to advise and guide our clients inside and outside Spain in their investment decision, with an strong focus on details and all the purchase-sale strategy process. Whether you want to buy, sell or rent a high standing property, our search service for international acquisition and promotion for sale, ensure the best result for your real estate transactions regardless of market conditions. Contact us and we will study your case without commitment.

A service focused on your interests.

We cover everything related to the purchase, sale or rental of real estate and rustic farms offering advice tailored to each case. We carry out an exhaustive monitoring of the process of buying or selling each property, always ensuring the interest and security of our clients

Historical and singular properties.

While our service covers all types of high-standing properties, we pay special attention to historic buildings such as castles, palaces, convents, churches or mansions that are part of the rich Spanish architectural and artistic heritage. These buildings, many of them declared of cultural interest and even considering the relevant restorations and their special maintenance, offer unbeatable returns benefits in the medium and long term.


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